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Our approach to teaching golf is to get you hitting the golf ball, stay relaxed, and definitely have some fun! We want you to enjoy golf and our job is to give you the confidence to play the game we love. So, if you are thinking about either learning how to play golf or need to improve on your game, we highly recommend taking a private lesson. Of course, as you improve we can step up the pace and make the lessons more challenging! 

Call us at 775-265-3181 to set up a lesson time
Private Individual Lessons
Single Lesson (45 mins) $55
Series of 3 Lessons $135
Group Lessons
Single Lesson

$85 for 2 people,
$15 each additional person
(max 6 people total)

Series of 3

$195 for 2 people
$45 each additional person
(max 6 people total)

Video or Playing Lessons
Putting Lesson
Junior Lessons
$25 for 30 minutes